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Our members are spread across the seven seas! Some are new trading, some have been trading for many years with less-than-optimal results, and others are seasoned traders who want to add another tool to their trading toolbox. 

Regardless of their experience (or yours) we can help you find those high-probability, low risk, high profit trades you have been looking for with our step-by step trading system and vibrant online community. 

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Greetings, fellow traders! Before entering the trading world I enjoyed a 15 year career in the technology field, followed by a ten year-stint as a freelance web developer. I had always been interested in the financial markets but never knew where to turn for advice or training. After several false starts followed by several exceptional mentors, I not only became proficient at trading, but passionate.

After publishing a series of articles on TradingView I developed quite the following, and I wondered if I could teach people to trade just as I taught people to build websites and operate the systems in my previous careers.

As a huge fan of cinema I wondered if I could make trading not only easy but fun! Taking my cue from Captain Jack Sparrow I developed a system called "Trade like a Pirate" where we look at three components of every trade: Formation, Location, and Destination, and we are on the lookout for look for Waves of Entry, Clubhauls, and Stranger Tides. 

Yes, we have fun. Yes, we make money, and yes, we have a lot to celebrate on the HMS Opportunity as we Trade Like a Pirate three times per week. 

I hope you will join us, and I'll see you on deck! 

"Captain" Anthony Navarro

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