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Below is a sampling of the videos available to members of our crew on their journey to become a successful financial trader. Whether you are a forex trader, a futures trader, or you trade stocks, the Sabre Trading System will help you find the high probability, high profit, low risk trades you are looking for.

Trading Like a Pirate 101

Welcome aboard! This is the first video you should watch to get you up to speed with the Sabre Trading System. Learn how to setup your TradingView workspace, install the Sabre indicator, setup your watchlists, and prepare to set sail and find trades using our three-phase Location, Formation, and Destination system of trade evaluation.

Know your Quarry

Price action shows us exactly where institutional "footprints" lie. Like the legendary Bank Robber Willie Sutton said when asked "Why do you rob Banks?" he replied "Because that's where the money is." When you learn how and why the charts move the way they do, you too will be able to see "Where the money is" and place trades with confidence. Sabre shines a light on these footprints.

Watch Sabre In Action

Once you are up to speed on how Sabre works and the basics of Price Action (Supply and Demand) trading, take a 42-minute journey and walk through several assets and see how to identify high probability, low risk, high profit trades using the Sabre Trading System.


These videos are specially created to cover certain aspects of trading

This Special Session walks through the step by step process of understanding when and where trends begin and end in order to take directional trades, and also when and how to take the high probability "Clubhaul" counter-trend trade.

This Special Session walks through the process of backtesting the Sabre Trading System in order to "Train Your Eyes" to look for trading opportunities via sheer Price Action. "Practice makes proficient," and once you are proficient at finding trading opportunities you will command your trading destiny.

When 10-15% of trades can go 10R or more, don't leave money on the table! This Special Session reviews a reliable method to "Let Your Winners RUN" and turn a good trade into an AWESOME trade!

"The trend is your friend until the bend in the end," right? Learn how to trade against the trend and catch market tops and bottoms using Sabre's systematic counter-trend trading method: the Clubhaul.


The Sabre Trading Group meets 3x/week to trade live in the markets and conduct special trainings. Below is an example of what you would see in as a member of the Sabre Trading Group when you want to watch any of our over 200+ Hours of trainings.

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