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It is said that "no man is an island" (or woman for that matter!). There is no greater truth to that in the world of trading.


As you are learning any new skill it is beneficial to enjoy the camaraderie and knowledge of others who are on the same journey that you are.

Live Telegram Chat

Chat with your fellow Crewmembers all day, every day in our private Telegram channel. Post trade ideas or ask questions on any topic. 


 Crewmember Message Board

New to Sabre Trading is our Bulletin-board style community board where you can participate in threaded conversations for greter interactivity on a single topic. 


Open Mic Sessions

On days when the markets are closed and periodically throughout the year we'll turn on the cameras and have a general open-mic session. These are particularly fun as we get to "let our hair down" and share our experiences, challenges, and successes with one another. 

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