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2021-07-09 Results - Good Friday!

Fridays are often a relatively slow day in the markets when we trade together with the Sabre Trading Group which often gives us many opportunities to go over trade examples and scenarios to prepare for Monday's trading session. Not today!

Today, we had a treat: we opened the session with a 3.27R winning Forex trade identified in our 24x7 trade alert group. The Crewmember who identified it let us know that it pretty much paid for three months worth of his membership to the Crew with the profits from just that one trade! That just goes to show the Value of joining a successful trading group - if you can pay for your membership with just one trade, every other trade is a bonus!

During our 2-hour Friday Session we located one trade in Forex and one trade in Futures that netted 3.27R and 3.09R, one Crypto trade (Bitcoin) that also made in excess of our minimum 3R Profit-to-Loss Ratio, and one losing trade that occurred because of the "London Fix" – that frantic 60-seconds when London "Closes it's books" for the day.

Note to Self: Never find yourself in a pair bound to the GBP, the BP, 6A, or highly correlated assets on your trading timeframe at 4PM London time!

So the day ended with

  • +3.27 Win EURCAD from the Crew before our session, and during our trading session, we had a

  • +4.89R Win with the NZDJPY, a

  • +3.09 Win with 6A (Aussie Futures), a

  • -1R GBPCAD Loss (Because of the "London Fix"), and right before the market close of 4PM we had a

  • +8.62R Win with BTCUSD

for a net of 18.87R for the day in Forex, Futures, and Crypto!

Not too shabby for a "Slow" day!

If you would like to learn how to find high probability, low risk, high profit trades using a rules-based trading system, I encourage you to join our trading group!

Trade well!


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