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Announcing Sabre BlackBeard – Your Online Trading Companion

As Sabre Trading Systems celebrates our second anniversary of teaching traders around the world how to "Trade like a Pirate" we are proud to announce the latest tool in our arsenal: Sabre BlackBeard.

24 hours per day, 5-and-a-half days per week, BlackBeard will monitor all of your favorite assets, searching for high-probability, high-profit, low-risk trade opportunities, and alert you whenever they occur.

BlackBeard uses our proprietary Sabre 3-step system of Formation – Location – Destination to locate high probability trades using our step-by-step process to determine whether the trade is worth the risk (and we pirates are very wary of risk... Take the easy prey!)

Here are some of BlackBeard's Features:

The Sabre Weathervane

What was previously a (very!) manual process of looking at "The Tide" and "The Wind" to determine which way the market is "flowing" has now been automated! This has proven to be an immense timesaver for our Crew as we search for opportunities to go long and short (and especially when we need to sit on our hands and let uncertain markets "find their flow.")

It also assists greatly in backtesting – exercising the "mental muscles" necessary to help our Crewmembers get up to speed and developing the confidence they need to trade live quicker than ever before.

Sabre Pilot

The "heart and soul" of the Sabre System, the Sabre Pilot component of BlackBeard identifies high-probabilty areas of Supply and Demand where the greatest number of unfilled orders are, allowing our Crew to "follow the money".

When a trading opportunity presents itself, you are notified with a visual identifier as well as an alert of your choosing, either a popup, SMS message, or email so you won't have to miss an opportunity to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself!

Smart Alerts

A long-awaited and favorite feature among the Crew, Smart Alerts are a set-and-forget "watchdog" on all the assets that you are following. If you are in a Long environment, Sabre will automatically alert you of every Long opportunity that appears. If you are in a Short environment, every Shorting opportunity will send you an alert.

This saves much time and effort as we no longer need to change alerts manually. You also have the option to be alert of "Weather Changes" so you can take advantage of opportunities you may have missed that would not have generated an alert under previous weather conditions.

Checklist Integration

One of our most important assets, our Trade Checklist, is now integrated into BlackBeard. The checklist can be setup as a fixed box that sits in the corner of the chart or it pop-up as a ToolTip so you always have your checklist handy before committing to a trade.


Thanks to our amazing Crew, in just 2 short years Sabre has developed from a simple directional trading strategy into a full-fledged trading system that works on all markets and all timeframes.

If you would like to take a free 14-day test drive, I invite you to Join our Crew! Learn how to Trade like a Pirate using our simple 3-step trading system, and join our growing crew that trades 24 hours per day in 27+ countries around the Seven Seas!

I look forward to trading with you! -Anthony

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