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Live Trading

To "get what successful people have got," you need to "do what successful people do." There's no better way to learn a skill than to "shadow" an expert and follow in their footsteps.

Just like with becoming a carpenter, a master chef, or an electrician, these "trades" first start with an apprenticeship program. 


Once you begin your free trial you will receive access to our set of onboarding videos which will guide you in how to setup your browser, your TradingView account, the BlackBeard indicator, and an overview of how the Sabre System helps find high probability, low risk, high reward trades. 


Live Trading

Three times per week (Monday @9AM EST, Wednesday @2PM EST, and Friday @9AM EST) we trade through a list of currencies, commodities, cryptos, and indexes while reinforcing the step-by-step rules-based system known as Sabre. As a member of "The Crew" you can ask questions, review a trade idea you find on your own, and most importantly, mirror the actions we take. Repetition is the mother of skill, so the more trades you put on in the simulator the quicker you will become proficient in finding trades on your own. 

Image by Adam Nowakowski

Recorded Sessions

In the Crew Quarters (a.k.a. Members Area) not only will you have access to prerecorded teaching sessions but if you can't make our live sessions due to time zone, job, or business obligations, you will have access to our entire library of live sessions going back to our founding in 2020. Learn at your own pace no matter how much time per day you were able to put into it. Consistency is key!

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