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Our BlackBeard indicator uses our proprietary Sabre 3-step system of Formation – Location – Destination to locate high probability trades using our step-by-step process to determine whether the trade is worth the risk (and we pirates are very wary of risk... Take the easy prey!)

We were very proud to have announced its release at our second anniversary helping traders around the world learn to trade on proven supply-and-demand price action principles.

Sabre Pilot.png


BlackBeard is a private indicator exclusive to our members. Once you join you will have full access to BlackBeard, our private community, and our suite of training. 

BlackBeard is to be installed on both the "Weather" and "Wave" charts on your screen. Once installed you will make several settings adjustments outlined below.

First, click on the left pane and then click on the "Indicators" button at the top of the window.

BlackBeard Indicator Add Button.png

Next click "Invite Only Scripts" and you will find BlackBeard. Click once on "Sabre BlackBeard" and it will be added to your chart layout.

Finally, click on the right pane and repeat the above process to add BlackBeard to the "Wave" timeframe.

BlackBeard Indicator Settings 2.png


As BlackBeard combines the functionality of our previous "Commander" and "Pilot" indicators, several settings need to be made in order for the left & right hand sides work together.


Hover over the BlackBeard indicator name in the left window (The Weather). Click the gear to access the Settings.

Under the "Inputs" tab verify the following settings:

  • Select the elements to display on the chart: Set to "Commander". This will let you see the "tide" and the "wind" and determine whether we are looking for longs or shorts in the market at the moment.

BlackBeard Indicator Settings 3.png


As you did with the left pane, Hover over the BlackBeard indicator name in the right window (The Wave). Click the gear that appears to access the Settings.

Under the "Inputs" tab verify the following settings:

  • Select the elements to display on the chart: If you set to "Pilot" you will see the Long and Short opportunities identifying high-probability levels of Supply and Demand that can be evaluated for trading opportunities. If you want to have the Commander "Weather" also on the chart as an overlay select "Pilot with Weathervane". With Weathervane turned off you will still be able to see the context of the environment via the crosshair synchronization as outlined in the Getting Started videos. 

BlackBeard Indicator Settings 4a.png

Weathervane OFF

BlackBeard Indicator Settings 4b.png

Weathervane ON

  • Commander Period: Select the High Time Frame of your trading setup. i.e. if you are trading the 1-Hour / 4-Hour, set it to 4 Hour. If you are trading the 4-Hour / Daily, set it to 1 Day, etc. 


Alerts are your 24x7 trading partner... never miss an opportunity when an opportunity presents itself!

Alert Settings are set in the indicator itself, then you need to activate the alert(s) via the "..." link in the indicator title.

Smart Alert: Check this box if you want BlackBeard to send context-sensitive alerts. You will receive a "Long" alert when your asset presents a buying opportunity when the 'weather' says we are in a buying environment, and a "Short" alert when your asset presents a selling opportunity in a selling environment. 

BlackBeard Trading Alerts.png

Clubhaul Alert: One of the distinctive of the Sabre Trading System is the ability to locate counter-trend trading opportunities, sometimes known as "catching the falling knife". Check this box if you want to be alerted of a Clubhaul environment so you can see if there is a Clubhaul opportunity available. 

Weather Change Alert: When the trading environment changes from a buying environment to a selling environment (or vice versa) there is a possibility that there is a previous opportunity that did not alert in the previous environment. Although having this setting checked will generate a lot of alerts, all it takes is one successful trading opportunity to more than pay for the effort!

Long and Short Alerts: On assets that do not trade 24-hours per day (i.e. stocks, agriculture products, indexes) the Smart Alert functions will not work reliably. In this event, you will need to manually maintain the longs and short alerts each time the asset moves from a long environment to a short environment. So if you have long alerts enabled for a product, if the 'weather' shifts to a shorting environment, you will need to delete the long alert and add the short alert. Alternatively, you can add both long and short alerts to the asset so as not to maintain them, but you will receive "false positives" for the alerts that are out of context. 

Activating the Alerts:

Once you set which types of alerts you would like to receive as described above, then you can add them to your assets in your Watchlist. 

  1. Click the Asset name on the right to bring up the chart

  2. On the right-hand chart, click the "..." that appears when you hover over the Blackbeard Indicator Name

  3. Click "Add Alert on Sabre BlackBeard". You will note that the condition is "Any Alert Function Call" which you indicated above.

  4. Select the actions you want the alert to do: a popup, an email, etc.

  5. Click "Create"

You can then perform this process for all of your assets: if you have 20 items in your watchlist, you will set 20 alerts.

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